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Fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal give off carbon dioxide when burnt, this leads to increased levels of concentrations in the atmosphere, however, wood is different, it also releases carbon dioxide, but only the same amount as the tree takes in during growth, so burning wood is therefore considered to be carbon neutral. It is also a renewable source, especially when bought from cultivated and coppiced woodland.


Environmentally friendly heat source

The main benefit of having a stove compared to an open fire is the safety aspect. With an open fire you cannot safely pop to the local shop, have a bath or leave it burning overnight without worrying and constantly checking that the fire is under control. With a stove you can do all of these things with ease and in the knowledge that as long as you have had your stove installed by a professional hetas approved installer you can sleep easy. Throughout the cold winters we very often load up our 2 stoves to the brim, shut down the air vents and go off to work knowing that the stoves will be ticking over nicely on their own, we will return to a lovely warm house with 2 cats lying blissfully next to the stove.


The cost of getting a stove and flue liner installed isn't necessarily the cheapest of jobs, however, it doesn't cost the earth either. We strongly believe that if you are getting expensive gas heating bills, or even more expensive oil costs, then the initial outlay will pay for itself in but a few years and if you have your own source of wood then even sooner. So get chopping and splitting that wood, make yourself a wood store and start saving!


An open fire is known to be a very inefficient way of heating a room, because of the large open flue that you have all the heat you are creating is going up the chimney, you might as well be burning £5 notes! They are thought to be between 15 and 20% efficient, and to make matters worse, when you don't have your fire alight the flue acts as a giant funnel and is sucking all the heat from the house up and out the chimney as well


With a stove however, because everything is sealed and you can control the air vents, you are losing a lot less heat up the chimney. The stoves are made in such a way that the bodies of them heat up and radiate the heat out into the room. Most stoves, depending on make and model, are between 70% and 85% efficient. You will discover that you are burning a lot less wood and getting a lot more heat with a stove installed. For even greater efficiency you can try one of a variety of eco fans, these are very clever little devices that use the heat from the stove to generate electricity and power a fan which will circulate the warm air around the room for you.


W H Y   C H O O S E   U S

We offer a variety of services, from advice on a problematic chimney to designing and building a complete new fireplace.


We pride ourselves on every job we do, from start to finish.

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